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Biography: Parker McPhinney
Director, Producer, Camerawoman

I began my creative background with acting. I studied theatre performance at Memphis State University and am a card carrying member of SAG and AFTRA. In the late eighties I discovered the still camera and fell in love with the other side. I taught myself how to express my passions via this medium and have since had several exhibits in the Los Angeles area. My first moving picture was a short called “RITUAL”, which explores the path of grief; the piece is shot in black and white and is 3 minutes long. It aired on Night Flight and was selected by Long Beach Public Library to be in their collection of video art. I am an eleven-year veteran of the art modeling profession.

In addition to the visual arts, I tread the path of those crazy ones who look to the sky for answers. I have been a practicing astrologer for the last decade. Because it is important to me,  I have included the Astrological Chart for the Birth of my Video  as well as my Personal Astrological Chart for those who understand such things.

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Age 5, & 
Early 90's 
Puttipardi, India, Jan 98 
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